New Products:DC DC converter input 100V to 1000V wide range power module single output

Mainly founction features

Input: DC DC wide input voltage 210-1200VDC

Input: DC DC wide input voltage 210-1500VDC

Protection: input over voltage protection,short circuit over voltage protection

Outline sealed: ultra-thin small integration design, high efficiency high density

Cooling method: Natural cooling, without additional radiator

Power: 5-25W

Industrial standard produts design, international size

Products type

PV power

Input characteristic

Input voltage range:: 100~1000VDC(210-1200VDC)

Input current: 100VDC

NH05 100mA , typ

NH10 230mA , typ

NH15 250mA , typ

surge current 10A (TYP) 100V 20A (TYP) 1200V

Output characteristic:

Output voltage steady accuracy: ±1%

Original source effect: ±0.5% (typ)

Load adjust rate: (10%~100%) ±2% (typ)

Min load: 0%

Output ripple and noise(peak value): 100mV(typ) (20MHz Bandwidth)

Short-circuit protection long time Continuous,/automatic resume

Output over exceed current protection ≥1.1 times

General characteristic

Woking temperature: -40℃~+55℃

Power reduction rate:3.75% / ℃

Storage temperature:-40℃~+105℃

Outshell temperature:+80℃ max

Cut off current time:80ms(typ)/ at Vin:100VDC

Start delay time:500ms(typ)/ at Vin:1200VDC

Dynamic response: 25% standard load move rate ±4%/500uS

Humidity: 95% max

Temperature drift: 0.02%/℃

Switching frequency: 65-100kHz(typ)

Efficiency: 75%(typ)

Insolation: 4000VDC/1Min(special 3000VAC)

Insolation resistance input to output : 500Vdc 100000G

Leakage current:0.03mA RMS typ. 1200VDC

Saftey class: CLASS Ⅰ

MTBF: >215,000h @25℃

Input voltage and the load relationship characteristic


Dynamic load response