Communication network technology

A communication network is a type of communication terminal, node (node), and transmission link that are organically connected to each other to provide communication between two or more specified communication endpoints providing connection or non-connection transmissions system.

The communication network is divided into three types: physical network, service network, and support management network.

Access Network Technology

Access network technology is one of the core parts of a modern telecommunications network system. It has the role of connecting local users with end users. The wire network structure is mainly composed of UNI (User Network Interface) and SNI (Service Node Interface). The core network is the link connecting the user network interface and the service node interface. The main function of the access network is to achieve an effective connection between the user and the terminal device. Compared to the optical fiber communication technology and the Bluetooth technology, the access network technology does not have the function of multiplexing and cross connection.

Digital Communication Technology

Program-controlled switching technology

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