Mainly founction features

Input output lsolation: adopt the compeletely isolation design 1000VDC/1min
Protection: input over voltage protection,short circuit over voltage protection
EMI filter: built-in EMI filter unit to reduce interference between power grid and power supply
Outline sealed: ultra-thin small integration design, high efficiency high density
Cooling method: Natural cooling, without additional radiator

Technical features

Input voltage range: 9V-18V 9V-36V 18V-36V 36V-72V 72V-144V
Output voltage and current : 24V/50W (voltage adjust range ±10%)
Transient : overshoot magnitude; ±5%V Recovery time :200us
Effect : source effect: ±0.2%V Effect of load :±0.5%V
Protection: over voltage, over current, short circuit


A working termperature:-25-75℃
B storage temperature:-40-85℃
Output voltage steady regulation accuracy : ±1%
MTBF : 8*100000 hours
Isolation Voltage: input and output 1000VDC
Dimensions : 50.8*50.8*10.16mm

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