4.0 industry

The development modern production and science and technology places ever-increasing demands on automation technology, and it also provides necessary conditions for the innovation of automation technology. After the 1970s, automation began to develop complex system control and advanced intelligent control, and was widely used in various fields such as defense, scientific research, and economics to achieve greater scale automation, such as integrated automation systems for large-scale enterprises and national railways.

Automatic dispatch system, national electric power network automatic dispatch system, air traffic control system, urban traffic control system, automated command system, national economic management system, etc.

The application of automation is expanding from the engineering field to the non-engineering field, such as medical automation, population control, and economic management automation. Automation will mimic human intelligence to a greater extent. Robots have been used in industrial production, marine development, and space exploration.

Expert systems have achieved significant results in medical diagnostics and geological exploration. Factory automation, office automation, home automation and agricultural automation will become important contents of the new technology revolution and will be rapidly developed.

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