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Smart home Project Description

The smart home controller is the most beautiful and compact, so the circuit board of the controller is required to work reliably under such a small volume, and the basic convenience functions of the smart home must have such founctions: the curtain controller should have remote control, Panel display, scene control and other functions.

Power supply

The utility power enters through the protection circuit to the AC-DC power supply module, and the power supply module outputs a stable 5V voltage to the back-end processor, relay and other loads.

Project features

The scheme of the switching power supply replaces the transformer’s scheme.
Through the design of the switching power supply itself, the regulated output is achieved, and over-current, short-circuit, and other protection functions are added, hence, realizing the simplicity of the peripheral circuit and the simple layout design.

Since the switching power supply adopts a high-frequency control method, the internal transformer can be designed to be very small, so that the entire switching power supply is miniaturized,
and eventually the shortcomings of the above two methods are compensated.

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