Power Facilities

Circuit breaker system power supply solution

Generally, the power supply voltage to the circuit breaker internal processor, memory, I/O modules, and various expansion modules is 5VDC, and the 24V bus power provided by the pass-through bus can be obtained through DCDC module isolation transformer. For the communication part, the reliability of communication can be improved by isolating the power supply and optocoupler isolation. The power supply of the signal conditioning module provides a stable low ripple dc voltage from the constant voltage regulator series.

Isolation Transmitter Module Solutions

The signal conditioning signal output voltage signal of 0-5V can be isolated and sent to the processor 0-5V voltage signal after isolating the isolated transmission module, and then converted into a digital signal that can be processed through the multiplex switch. The isolated transmitter power supply can be powered directly from the system power supply 24V.

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