traffic transit

Traffic Transit Project Description

Railway ballast comprehensive monitoring system, which can measure ballast conversion resistance in real time, real-time, synchronous monitoring, ballast representation notch image, and on-site real-time acquisition of ballast vibration acceleration that withstands large vibration force, in order to achieve multi-parameter full dynamic process image real-time Monitoring, more comprehensive control of the actual use of the state of the switch, early warning parameters of the trend and abnormal changes.

Power Supply

AC-DC product output bus 24VDC voltage for the use of the back-end system load, the system load includes the main control chip, transceiver and memory, etc., through the DC-DC module or LDO power converter to provide the required voltage to ensure power supply Voltage stability and reliable system operation.

Project Features

After the system is applied to the case, its unique gap image and on-site resistance real-time synchronous monitoring function can comprehensively and real-time control the actual application status of the switch, advance early warning of each parameter change trend and anomaly, and overcome the real-time performance that manual periodic inspection can not achieve. And early warning of the trend, a large number of equipment failures to reduce the switch, improve transport efficiency and ensure the safety of traffic.

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